Insights from Inclusion Champions
“In the old retail models, whatever you buy you can sell. But today, it is a customer-driven market in which the customer makes the decisions about what they want. In order to gain that kind of customer insight, you’ve got to have a truly diverse workforce.”
Donald Fan
Senior Director: Office of Diversity

“When I asked a group of senior-level managers point-blank, what is it going to take to make you understand how important inclusion is, everyone said ‘show me the value-show me the bottom line-show me how it impacts revenue. ”
Cindy Bigner
Director-Global Diversity

“We live in a world of customization. Those companies that understand that will get the best ideas because they will include all the great minds.”
Keith Wyche
Cub Foods

“Eventually, when you’re sitting around that board table and not everyone looks the same, all of a sudden the richness of the dialogue is taken to a new level and questions get asked that would not have ordinarily been asked.”
Clarence Nunn
President & CEO
GE Capital Fleet Services

“The global economy and emerging markets create unique opportunities and challenges for global companies.”
Clydie Douglass
Director Diversity and Inclusion

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