Book Synopsis
“Inclusion…The New Competitive Business Advantage” provides a unique snapshot into the cultural revolution underway in today’s workplace that can mean success or failure for your business. The engagement and empowerment of an increasingly diverse talent pool is the highly urgent imperative. Inclusion and diversity expert Shirley Engelmeier outlines the tools that corporate leaders must embrace to improve productivity, retention and innovation to compete more effectively for increasingly diverse markets.

Content of the Book
Foreword: Why Inclusion Matters
Introduction: Why this book? Why now?
Chapter 1: The Radical Seismic Demographic Shift
Chapter 2: The Global Mindset
Chapter 3: The War for Talent...Gen Y as the Linchpin
Chapter 4: Diversity Fatigue
Chapter 5: The Need for Innovation
Chapter 6: On to Inclusion
Chapter 7: Inclusion is the Solution to Employee Engagement
Chapter 8: Inclusion is the Solution to Retention
Chapter 9: Inclusion is a Solution to Innovation
Chapter 10: Inclusion Embraces the Global Mindset
Chapter 11: Insights Shared by Champions of Inclusion
Chapter 12: Inclusion is a Business Strategy